Wimbledon Dress Code (Latest Relaxations In The Dress Code)

For centuries Wimbledon has been one of the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournaments, it’s known for its famous Wimbledon dress code. The royal family’s tradition is to attend the tennis championship held yearly at the London Wimbledon Tennis Court.

Wimbledon court has a premiere box known as the Royal Box, for the use of members of the royal family. In terms of capacity, it’s the world’s 6th largest tennis court.

Wimbledon is known for its strict all-white dress code. Any player participating in the game has to wear nothing but white. This is one of the main Wimbledon traditions, if any player fails to comply with it, they will be disqualified immediately. Over the years many players argued with the strictness of the dress code but Wimbledon is still firm on its rules.

a woman playing tennis
In this picture: there is a woman playing tennis on the Wimbledon tennis court

Wimbledon Dress Code Style Guide

I’m sure everyone is aware of the famous Wimbledon white rule. They say the reason behind the all-white dress code is “the players don’t stand out for anything except their excellent game”.

That’s understandable but there have been many incidents when players unintentionally broke the Wimbledon rules of the dress code, I’ll move to that shortly but let’s look at the detailed dress code of Wimbledon first.

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What To Wear At Wimbledon Tennis Tournament

If you are going as a spectator then there are no such restrictions. You are allowed to wear anything except ripped jeans, a running vest, sports shoes, or dirty sneakers. Anything flashy or vibrant is considered forbidden at Wimbledon so make sure your outfit complies with the rules.

My personal preference for men’s outfits is to wear a nice solid color suit, with a decent color tie and a plain shirt. For women, white dresses or any other similar summer outfits would be a great option.

For players, it’s the total opposite they have zero relaxation in the outfit, If one fails to comply with the clothing rules they might be disqualified. Let’s take a look at the detailed tennis apparel rules for Wimbledon tennis players.

Player’s Dress Code Clothing


Players can wear any tennis top but It should be all white (off-white and cream color is not included) the only allowance is a single trim of color around the neckline or around the cuffs of sleeves.  The trim should be measured and should not be wider than 1cm or 10mm.

The back of the shirt should be plain and there should be no logos, names, or numbers printed on it, not even the brand logo is acceptable.


Plain white tennis skirts and shorts are allowed for women. Only a single trim of solid color is allowed which should not be more than 1cm or 10mm. Any logo on the short or skirt should be minimalist and shorts with bright-colored logos are strictly not allowed.

For male players, plain white shorts or trousers are allowed. A single trim of solid color is allowed on the shorts or trousers but it should not be more than 1cm or 10mm.


Shoes should be all white with not a single bright-colored logo. The sole and laces should also be completely white. There are many brands that manufacture Wimbledon tennis shoes for the convenience of tennis players.

Do remember these are the tennis apparel rules that tennis players have to follow if want to participate in the Wimbledon tennis tournament. If any player fails to comply with these rules they won’t be allowed to enter the court.


The all-white dress code is not limited to tops or bottoms. Any player participating in the game has to make sure they are wearing white undergarments or any undergarments that can be visible due to precipitation should be white. But recently they have altered their rules for female players only due to period concerns. So from 2023 female players can wear solid-colored undergarments.


Tennis players are allowed to wear caps, bandanas, and wristbands. But all of these accessories should be white except for a single trim of solid color which should not be wider than 1cm or 10mm. The socks of tennis players should also be all white.

Recent Relaxations In The Dress Code

The famous Wimbledon white rule is now altered for female players. Female players are now allowed to wear dark-colored undershorts. This change took place after a former player described the stress of having to wear all-white undershorts while on menstrual periods.

Sally Bolton Chief Executive of  All England Club said in a statement “Management has taken the decision to update the white clothing rule at Wimbledon. This means from next year women and girls competing at the Championship will have the option of wearing colored undershorts if they choose”.

Did any Player Ever Break The Dress Code Rules?

Over the years there have been many incidents when players have unintentionally broken the tennis attire rules. Let’s take a look at those moments.

Venus Williams playing at the Wimbledon tennis stadium
In this picture: Venus Williams playing at the Wimbledon tennis stadium and her pink bra strap is exposed.

On Monday, Venus Williams played a tournament at the Wimbledon tennis court while her pink bra strap was exposed but she was unaware of the situation. She was forced to change it during the match.

roger federer shoes
In this picture: Roger Federer is standing at the Wimbledon tennis court wearing white shoes with orange sole

In 2013, Roger Federer a famous tennis player at Wimbledon was scolded by the Wimbledon Club after wearing shoes with the vibrant orange color sole. The club gave Roger Ferderer a warning and banned those shoes from the club.

There have been many other similar incidents that caused the implementation of the all-white strict dress code.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of the all-white dress code is fair in my opinion. The reason behind this all-white dress code is actually fair and simple. They have stated, “the players don’t stand out for anything except their excellent game”. This also ensures equality.

Questions you might ask:

Is there a dress code at Wimbledon?

For participants of the game, yes there is a strict all-white dress code for them. While for spectators there’s no such dress code but participants should be formally dressed.

Can I wear jeans to Wimbledon?

Yes, jeans are allowed but not tapered or ripped jeans.

Can you wear a bra at Wimbledon?

Only white-colored undergarments are allowed at Wimbledon Court. With the recent relaxation in the dress code, women can wear dark-colored undershorts.

Can I wear Flip Flop to Wimbledon?

Wimbledon banned Flip Flops so make sure you avoid wearing Flip Flops.

What are you not allowed to bring into Wimbledon?

You are allowed to bring in your own food and drink but items such as flasks, cool boxes, and picnic chairs are not allowed.

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