Why Tennis is The Best Sport Of All Time? Proven Facts

Tennis is not just about hitting the ball with racquets back and forth. Tennis requires complex movements to out win the opponent, along with the coordination of the brain to understand the opponent’s movements and come back with an opposite strategy. All this is done within seconds. This is why tennis is known as the most difficult and the best sport of all time.

Tennis teaches you strategy, well chess does the same but at a slower pace. Tennis makes a person more responsive and teaches how to deal with complex situations more quickly with an on-the-spot strategy.

All these skills are not only used on the court but also train a person to deal with day-to-day life situations. You have probably noticed in the post-match conferences, how smartly tennis players answer any question.

why tennis is the best sport?
In this picture: Two tennis players are standing with rackets in hand

Why Tennis Is The Best Sport Of All Time?

If I just say yes, tennis is the best sport of all time you won’t be satisfied, you won’t even believe me that’s why I have come up with facts to answer this question. These are proven facts and I’m sure you will relate to these facts as well.

Physical Benefits Of Playing Tennis

physical benefits of tennis
In this picture: Two senior citizens are happily standing on a tennis court

Tennis is the best sport to make your body physically active. The number of movements there are in tennis, from serve to forehand, backhand, volley, and overhead shots. The player is required to move every muscle of their body hence training their body muscles.

1. Keeps You In Great Shape

Did you ever notice any unhealthy or fat tennis players? Obviously not because tennis is a game that forcefully keeps your body in great shape. Playing an hour-long game on the tennis court burns 575-775 calories. Which is equal to running at 6 Miles per Hour on the treadmill.

But an hour-long game of tennis will feel like 15 mins while an hour-long workout on a treadmill will feel more than an hour. That’s why tennis players tend to play longer and burn more calories than a person who spends a quarter of their day at the gym.

2. Great Full Body Workout

The number of moments there are in tennis trains the whole body’s muscles. From shoulder muscles to abdomen muscles, calves, obliques, and a wide number of other muscles. If I start to name them all I’m sure you all will get bored reading them. So in short, more than half of the body’s muscles are utilized while playing tennis.

So therefore when a person plays tennis every day, they are training their whole body which is equal to spending a whole week at the gym training each muscle one by one.

We can not say that playing tennis is better than the gym because doing a workout at the gym has many other benefits, for example, If a person wants to increase their muscle mass and bulk more mass then tennis is not an option. Tennis is best for losing weight and maintaining a lean build.

3. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

It’s proven that playing tennis 3-4 hours a week can reduce the risk of a heart attack. (This was proved in a study by Harvard University in 2016). The medical reason behind this is when you play an hour-long game at the tennis court your heart rate increase exponentially which causes your body to move oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently.

Therefore it helps you to burn more calories and also increases body stamina.

Mental Health Benefits

mental health benefits of tennis
In this picture: There’s a person sitting on a bench on a tennis court with their head down.

I would say after meditation Tennis is the second best practice for building better mental health. Tennis allows you to blow off some steam if you are angry or frustrated. Shouting at someone to get all that frustration out of you is an unhealthy thing for your mental health. Therefore playing any sport such as tennis can help you get the frustration out of yourself in a healthy way.

1. Reduce Stress

Suffering from stress and anxiety is very common nowadays. Rather than depending on medicines, shifting to physical activities to reduce stress and anxiety is more effective and is a permanent solution. Playing any sport such as tennis causes the brain to release endorphins.

Endorphins are hormones that your body releases during fun or pleasurable activities such as playing sports. By indulging yourself in playing tennis your body will release endorphins which as a result cheer up your mood and kill all the anxiety and stress.

2. Maintain Your Mental Health

Sitting at home all day looking at the screen of your tv or mobile phone causes numerous mental health problems. Indulging yourself in outdoor sports or activities keeps your brain fresh. As result, your brain function’s more efficiently and you will feel fresher and more active than before.

Other than that tennis trains your brain into thinking about quick strategies which help you to deal with any daily life problems.

3. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Tennis is a game that relies on strategies just like chess. If you have ever played tennis I’m sure you can relate. In a tennis match the whole time there are different strategies running in a player’s mind such as studying the opponent to study their weak spots and then playing accordingly. This is a simple example of a strategy that tennis players use, there are numerous other complex strategies as well.

So while playing tennis you are basically training your problem-solving skills. This gives you an upper hand in any situation. If you are working at an organization where employees have to make their own decisions to deal with any complex situation then I’m sure with your practice of problems solving skills at tennis you will easily tackle that situation.

Other than that there are numerous daily life examples that are different for everyone. But in general, tennis trains you for everything!

Social Skills Benefits

Social skill benefits of tennis
In this picture: Two friends are hugging each other on a tennis court

Did you ever notice people playing at the tennis court? how friendly they are playing, from the look of it, it seems like all of them are a group of old friends. But it’s not always the same, people make new friends as tennis increases your social skills or if you are already social enough then tennis allows you to use your social skills for good.

Let me explain what exact social benefits you will get by playing tennis.

1. A great Way For Family Bonding

Nowadays everyone is busy in their lives either at school, college, office or even at home. Families don’t get any time or occasion to sit together and discuss what has been going on in their lives. Tennis is a sport that unites families even the most introverted kid in the house will be eager to join the whole family in the tennis match.

The best place for families to play a tennis match is the backyard, a little BBQ session along with the tennis will turn the evening into a healthy family bonding session.

2. Great Way To Make New Friends

Just go and visit your nearby tennis court one day and start playing with random people. You’ll notice how quickly you will become friends with them. This is the beauty of any outdoor sport, not just tennis. Even if you don’t know how to play that sport those people will happily take you in and will also teach you how to play tennis or any other sport they are playing. This will increase your confidence along with gaining great new friends.

3. Great Networking Tool

You’ll be shocked to know that Millionaires actually use sports clubs as networking tools. If a Millionaire is interested in doing a business deal with a successful entrepreneur then they will visit the sports club their potential business partner usually goes to and will try to be noticed by the person they are interested in doing a business partnership. This is a simple trick that almost every millionaire use.

You can also follow in the footsteps of millionaires to be like them one day. It always starts with one simple step.

Wrapping Up

I am pretty sure that I have successfully answered the question “Why Tennis is the best sport of all time?” with actual facts to back my statements. Tennis is an all-in-one sport from maintaining your physical health to making new friends. It trains you for every aspect of life so make sure you play tennis at least once a week.


What is unique about tennis?

Tennis is unique in a way that it allows the player to strategically utilize their mind along with their athletic abilities.

What tennis teaches you about life?

Tennis increases your problem-solving skills so therefore you can utilize those skills to tackle any daily life problem.

What are 5 facts about tennis?

  • Before there were white balls instead of yellow balls.
  • Tennis racket strings were made from sheep intestines.
  • On average a tennis player runs 3 miles in a match.
  • The longest tennis match lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes.
  • 24 tons of strawberries are consumed every day at Wimbledon.

How does tennis impact your life?

Tennis maintains your physical and mental health side by side.

Why tennis is good for your brain?

Playing tennis releases Endorphins. Endorphins are hormones that your body releases during fun or pleasurable activities such as playing tennis.

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