What To Wear To Play Tennis? Tennis Apparel Guide

A player’s dressing sense speaks a lot about his / her personality. Similarly, tennis players are also very specific about their dress while playing on the court.

If you are also wondering what to wear to play tennis? Then you should opt for the attire that is approved by the official tennis clubs. For this reason, I have prepared this outfit guide for you so you know when and what you should wear before you step on the tennis court.

The Open courts do not require the same dresses as the officially approved ones. Therefore, the most important thing about your tennis gear is that it should be comfortable enough for you to move easily and not hinder.

Following the dress codes is as important as following the other tennis rules. Every official tennis court provides its dressing codes for the players. However, in general, tennis costume is the same everywhere. Let’s have a look at proper dress at a professional level. Mostly the dress is all white, that’s why some people call it “tennis whites“.

So, your costume for tennis must be a sports dress that is specifically designed for athletes so you can face the challenges of sport without worrying about your attire. It must be stretchy enough to allow free movement and have the ability to absorb sweat. For winter tennis outfits, you can include extra leggings and underwear that can help you run freely. For shoes, they must also be comfortable enough.

What to wear to play tennis?

In general, the list of clothes for tennis includes (for both men and women):

  • Shirts (Cotton) / Trunks / Tank Tops
  • Jackets (for winter)
  • Shorts / Skirts
  • Leggings / Compression Shorts
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Hat / Visor / Cap (headgear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Wristbands
  • Sunscreen

Apart from that, wearing stylish attire can make you well-known as a stylish tennis player. It is also good to know about the fashion trends in tennis.

Is There a Dress Code for Tennis?

Yes, there is definitely a dress code for tennis. It depends on which official club tournament you are playing. The tennis uniform is based on a code that is approved by the official tennis clubs. For example, WTA decides on clothing for females.

Since, tennis is a sport that requires you to jump, run, and stretch excessively and frequently. Therefore, the clothing you choose for your tennis match should be based on the game requirements and be comfortable. That’s tennis officials follow strict outfit rules so players can focus on the game fully.

Let’s now look into the details.

What To Wear To Play Tennis?

Several things are counted for wearing to play tennis. Along with the style, comfort is also an important factor. When you are choosing an outfit for your tennis match then make sure it has a breathable fabric that can pass your sweat.

Moreover, your tennis clothing should be easy and flexible to make quick movements while playing. Always looking for style is not a wise decision. I think you should be comfortable but with style!

Parts of Tennis Outfit

From head to toe, tennis has very specific things and specifications as it contains some of the parts to wear according to the dressing standards.

Let us look at the dressing guide for both men and women.

Men’s Tennis Attire

Tennis Attire For Men

Tennis attire for men has some important parts. Here I will discuss them in detail for you. If you also find it difficult to select the right outfit for tennis then here is the list for you.

1. Hats

Hat / Visor

Wearing hats can keep you safe from facing the sun directly. Moreover, the hats or visors that tennis men and women wear are adjustable.

These hats are specially made for tennis players. The tennis hats can absorb moisture easily. The hats are usually preferred for an outdoor tennis court. There is a strap at the back of the hat that helps to adjust the size of your head accordingly.

2. Sunglasses


Wearing sunglasses on the tennis court is optional but can be very helpful on a bright sunny day, especially when the sun is just in front of you. It can help you chase the ball with convenience.

3. Shirts


Here comes the main part of the tennis attire a T-shirt. When you are choosing a shirt make sure that it is made of cotton stuff. Additionally, look for a shirt that is exactly according to your body fitting or a bit lose. Long sleeves are not allowed on the tennis court. Choose the right shirt that has half sleeves and is comfy.

4. Trunks


You can pair your shirt with trunks. Male tennis players prefer wearing t-shirts with swim trunks, long pants, or shorts. Therefore, you have to keep the rules of your tennis club to wear perfect attire while following the rules.

5. Socks

Wearing shoes long with socks is a must when it comes to playing tennis. It is necessary to wear socks along with your shoes. It is compulsory on all of the tennis courts. Therefore, choose comfy socks when you are going to a tennis match.

6. Shoes

Wearing the right tennis shoes is the key to better game performance. You should opt for the perfect fit for yourself.

When playing tennis it is good for you to wear comfortable shoes that allow swift foot movement since the game requires a lot of running and jumping.

The shoes of a tennis player play an important role while playing. Remember, some tennis courts do not allow shoes that leave the mark on the court. So, always follow the rules defined by your local tennis clubs.

There are various designs of tennis shoes with great features. These sports shoes are made while keeping sweaty feet in the notice. It is good if you choose the right sole pattern shoes for various tennis court surfaces. There are shoes that you can wear even casually.

Plus, keeping your tennis shoes clean is another important factor that can enhance your personality on the court.

Women’s Tennis Attire

Tennis Attire for Women

Women are usually picky about their outfits to play tennis because they are into fashion and styling and they also want to have cute dresses. However, there are many choices that you can go for when you are preparing for a tennis match.

If you are not sure about your tennis attire then the following options can help you choose the right one for you just before going to the court.

1. Headgear

Tennis headgear or a visor is an essential part of a tennis outfit especially when the weather is sunny. Wearing a visor or hat during the match will help you prevent blinding. This way you can chase the tennis ball since the visor acts as a shade for your eyes.

2. Shirts or Tank Tops

Tank Tops

Women tennis players commonly wear tank tops or shirts during play. A tank top is also called a sleeveless shirt. Since a tank top is wide and opens it allows the air to pass through and has good ventilation.

Moreover, these shirts have wide necks and fit loosely to the female player’s body. It is a comfortable shirt and light on your body.

3. Skirts / Skorts


Skirts never go out of the fashion and are a trendy outfit for playing tennis. Therefore, many female tennis players like to wear skirts during the game.

You can also pair it with a nice t-shirt to make an attractive combination. It also sets you free to choose your outfit the way you want. Plus, the skirt gives a hot look.

Furthermore, the inner shorts are stitched to the skirt for better adjustment on the body. These inner shorts are tighter on the thighs.

Wearing a skirt with frills or pleats enhances your appearance and gives exposure to your sporty body shape.

4. Leggings


Leggings are another important part of tennis girls’/women’s outfits. You can add leggings to your outfit if you feel like adding them. Leggings are worn in cooler weather.

Leggings help you to stay away from the cold since it sticks to your legs completely. The cold air does not pass through the fabric with which it is made.

Moreover, leggings are also beneficial to avoid injuries on the legs and regulate blood circulation properly. However, the leggings do not have any pockets therefore you can’t carry a pair of tennis balls with you during the game.

5. Sun Protection

Well, it is medically proven that exposing your skin such as your face, feet, or hands to sun rays is not good at all. It can harm your skin in many different ways. Therefore, it would not be wrong if I say that putting on good sun protection is mandatory.

To protect yourself from such hazards you should apply sunscreen. Sometimes, the tennis matches become very long therefore applying sun protection on your face hands or body is a wise act.

Make sure you use the right sun protection for at least 10-15 minutes before hitting the tennis court. Additionally, choosing the SPF depends on your skin type. Although, SPF30 is the normal one for all skin types.

6. Wristbands


A wristband is one of the tennis accessories that tennis players wear. The wristband you wear should be made of cotton since this fabric is good at absorbing the sweat on your hands.

Moreover, a wristband is a handy way of wiping off the sweat from your face or forehead. Now, it is no more time-consuming to take that mini towel out of your pocket to clean the sweat.

7. Wrist Protection

It is good for stability and complete wrist movement. Moreover, wrist protection is good at preventing tennis injuries. It can help you keep your wrist straight and in a working manner.

8. Sports Bra

Tennis Sports Bras

A sports bra is another good addition to your tennis clothes because tennis is a very sweaty sport, especially in summer. Plus, a sports bra is also an interesting fashion part. There are several other benefits of wearing a tennis sports bra.

For example, it reduces unnecessary breast movement during the game so you can run and move with confidence.

By now, do you know what to wear to play tennis? You might also be interested in where you can buy all these outfits things.

Here is a list of famous brands that make some amazing and durable tennis outfits. (The order of this list is random)

  1. Tory Burch
  2. Alo
  3. Tuckernuck
  4. Gucci
  5. Adidas
  6. Inphorm
  7. Halara
  8. Reebok
  9. Lilly Pulitzer
  10. Marysia
  11. Izod
  12. Nike
  13. Uniqlo
  14. Lacoste
  15. ASICS
  16. New Balance
  17. Mizuno
  18. Oakley
  19. Ellesse
  20. Castore
  21. Wilson
  22. Boast
  23. Joma
  24. Fila
  25. K-Swiss
  26. Li-Ning
  27. Yonex
  28. Head
  29. Diadora

Summary – A Final Thought on Tennis Apparel

I hope until now you have got an idea of what to wear to play tennis. Right? Well, that’s a good thing to know. This complete guide has made you decide on good tennis attire and it is no more difficult to choose tennis accessories as well.

Let’s know your opinion or suggestions on tennis costumes in the comments section below.


1. What is the dress code for tennis?

Answer: The dress code for tennis is largely dictated by the type of tournament you are playing in. For instance, if you are participating in a small club event or joining an adult league, your dress code will be less formal. If you are playing in a professional tournament, your attire needs to be more resembling what the tennis pros wear on the court. In other words, professional tournaments have strict rules on what can and cannot be worn.

2. What should girls wear for tennis?

Answer: Girls should wear a dress or skirt, and any color but blue. They can also go with a light shirt that they tie around their waist to hold up the skirt.

They should also wear sports bras, socks, shoes with nonslip soles, and comfortable walking shoes that are appropriate for the court.

3. Can you wear joggers to play tennis?

Answer: No, you should wear tennis shoes to play tennis.

4. Can you wear sneakers for tennis?

Answer: Wearing sneakers for tennis is not recommended, as it can cause unnecessary friction on the court. However, wearing them for a run or walk outside might be fine if you’re on a very flat surface.

5. Can female tennis players wear leggings?

Answer: In the past, women players were not allowed to wear leggings on the court. However, now you can wear leggings if you feel comfortable and if you want an extra layer of protection from the sun. However, your dress code must be according to the rules defined by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) rulebook.

6. Why do female tennis players tuck their skirts in?

Answer: Some female tennis players tuck their skirts in to prevent them from dragging or catching on the ground while they run. In other words, it provides extra protection and reduces friction.

7. Can you play tennis in pants?

Answer: No, pants are not allowed in tennis.

8. How to wear a tennis skirt?

Answer: It’s very easy, wear a tennis skirt just like you would wear any other skirt. If you are wearing it as part of an outfit, then tuck the bottom into your shoe. You can wear it by folding the bottom of the skirt over and then rolling it up, and tucking in some fabric underneath to make it look like a tube.

9. Do female tennis players wear knickers under their shorts?

Answer: No, female tennis players do not typically wear knickers under their shorts. However, you can wear knickers if you feel comfortable and want an extra layer of protection.

10. What to wear with a tennis skirt?

Answer: While it is not a requirement to wear anything with a skirt. However, there are some things that can be worn under the skirt. A great way to dress up your tennis outfit is with a tank top.

11. What are tennis clothes for older ladies?

Answer: Tennis clothes for older ladies include long-sleeved shirts and skirts that have a wide-open back.

12. Can you wear a black dress on the tennis court?

Answer: No, you cannot wear black on the court. Wearing anything other than white is not allowed because it may hinder the opponent’s visibility and makes them more prone to injury.

13. What is the dress code for tennis?

Answer: A tennis dress code varies greatly depending on the event and players participating. For example, during Wimbledon, which has a strict code, players must wear either white or light blue clothing. Other events may require the player to bring a bag with the appropriate attire for each day of play.

15. Can you wear joggers to play tennis?

Answer: Joggers are usually not recommended for tennis because they do not offer good support and can be easily ripped or torn during play. So, it is not possible to wear joggers for playing tennis.

16. What is the dress code for female tennis players?

Answer: The dress code for female tennis players is usually on the same level as that of males. However, in general, they are encouraged to wear appropriate attire. They can wear sleeveless shirts and skirts.

However, If she plays in a more revealing outfit, then it is important to make sure that her clothing doesn’t expose any parts of her body which could distract the opponent.

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