What To Do With Old Tennis Balls? 5 Ways To Efficiently Utilize Old Tennis Balls

Almost every tennis player has asked themselves this question, What to do with old tennis balls? As a tennis player, it’s normal to have dozens of useless tennis balls lying around on the court or in your house with zero ideas of what to do with these balls. You’ll be surprised to know how many useful ways you can use those tennis balls.

Tennis balls often lose their bounces after a few games or the balls usually deform and become useless. If you are a parent and have toddlers or kids in your house then those useless balls can be somewhat valuable.

But if you are single and don’t know what to do with the plethora of useless balls then you might want to check out this list of 5 ways to efficiently utilize old tennis balls.

Tennis player standing on the court
In this picture: There are multiple tennis balls thrown at a tennis player

What To Do With Old Tennis Balls?

Every year over 300 Million tennis balls are manufactured and you know how long it takes to completely decompose a tennis ball? 400 years. Yea you have read it correctly, a single tennis ball takes approximately 40o years to completely decompose.

Another thing that is even more concerning is that there are not many organizations that recycle tennis balls due to high costs. This is an alarming situation.

It’s our responsibility to take care of the waste that we produce. Would you like to know how many tennis balls are used in a single game of tennis? In a professional match, two cans of tennis balls containing 6 balls are used. After the game, these balls are usually thrown away.

But recently many tennis clubs started recycling tennis balls such as Wimbledon. After every game day, the worn-out tennis balls are repacked and sold, and the funds collected from selling the tennis balls go to Wimbledon Foundation’s charitable causes.

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If everyone starts taking mini steps towards recycling their tennis balls then I’m sure we all can save our earth from further global warming. Let’s see what to do with old tennis balls.

1: Donate Old Tennis Balls

donate old tennis balls
In this picture: A woman is giving a tennis ball to a child

The best way to recycle tennis balls is to donate them to an orphanage. Your useless balls can put a smile on someone’s face. Nowadays there are several orphanage centers in every city so it won’t be hard to find one and donate your old tennis balls. Orphanage centers run on donations so you should do your part by donating your old tennis balls and if possible donate your old rackets as well so the kids can have a sport to play.

2: Make Profit Off Your Tennis Balls

garage sale
In this picture: There is a garage sale going on

This idea is kind of interesting because you can sell your old useless tennis balls and earn some money. The best way to sell your old tennis balls is to set up a garage sale on a weekend because that’s when everyone is free from their busy schedule. Before setting up the garage sale make sure to tell your neighbors about it so they can visit your garage sale.

You might be wondering why anyone would buy these old useless balls. Well not anyone is a professional tennis player. Some people only play tennis for fun so that’s why they are less focused on the quality of tennis balls and more focused on the joy.

Other than that kids or young players that just started playing tennis need tennis balls at a cheap price. Usually, a can of tennis balls costs around $5 to $10 that’s expensive for beginner players. So a choice for them can be buying old tennis balls.

3: Make DIY Craft With Tennis Balls

tennis ball chair leg covers
In this picture: A person is doing a DIY project with tennis balls

You can do so many DIY crafts with tennis balls such as:

Floor Protectors

If you are tired of hearing screeching noises whenever you pull out the chair of your dining table to sit for breakfast then you should start collecting all of your useless tennis balls. Grab four old tennis balls and a box cutter. Carefully cut an X in the tennis ball and repeat the same process with the other three balls.

Alright, now that you have cut all the tennis balls. Grab your chair and cover the end of each leg with the tennis balls. Now do a test drive, and slide the chair I’m sure you won’t notice any screeching noise.

DIY Dryer Balls

You can use your old tennis balls as dryer balls. Let me tell you how it works. So basically all you have to do is just toss two tennis balls in the dryer along with your clothes. It will prevent the clothes from clumping when they rotate hence less electricity will be utilized as your clothes will dry quicker than before. If you go on amazon you will see people are selling products specifically for this purpose.

Beach Accessories

The beach winds always ruin a perfectly planned beach party. One of the main issues is the floor cloth not staying in its place. So being a tennis player can solve that problem in seconds. The next time you go to a beach party with your friends, don’t forget to pack some old tennis balls. No, you won’t be playing tennis on the beach.

You can use these balls to make your floor cloth stay in its place, How? let me tell you. Take a tennis ball and tie it to one of the corners of the floor cloth. Now repeat the same process with the other three corners. This is will add weight to the edges of the cloth and will prevent it from blowing along with the wind.

4: Recycle Old Tennis Balls

If you are lazy and want to get rid of useless tennis balls then recycling them is the best option for you. There are a few companies that accept used tennis balls. Such as Rebounces. They accept pre-owned tennis balls for refurbishing and recycling and the best thing about them is that they will send you an email with a prepaid shipping label to cover the shipping expenses.

Other than that you can also donate your old tennis balls to an old home. Old People prefer tennis balls on their walkers instead of the rubber tips because rubber often slides and doesn’t provide a good grip so that’s why tennis balls are preferred due to better grip.

5: Life Hacks With Tennis Balls

tennis ball garage life hack
In this picture: There is a tennis ball hanging on the ceiling of the garage

One of my favorite tennis ball life hacks which I use is hanging the tennis ball in my garage. Let me explain, I have a small garage so my car almost fits in the garage, and every time I park my car I usually scratch the frustrating bumper. So this one tennis life hack saved my car since then.

All you need is a tennis ball and a string for this life hack. First, you need to park your car perfectly in the garage then take the string and tie it around the tennis ball tightly. Now take that string with a tennis ball attached to one end and hang it on the ceiling.

Make sure the tennis ball is touching the rear windshield of your car when you hang it. Okay so now whenever you park your car, you’ll know exactly where to stop.

Final Thoughts

As a tennis player, you must completely recycle the equipment that uses, unlike other sports equipment that last’s a while tennis is one of its kind with a shorter life span of its equipment, mainly tennis balls. So after an intense game of tennis, the tennis balls that are useless for you can be the most helpful thing for someone else so make sure you honestly recycle them.

Questions You Might Ask

What should you do with old tennis balls?

When your tennis balls retire put them in a bag and donate them to the nearest orphanage center or ship them for free to RecycleBalls for recycling.

Do tennis balls expire?

Tennis balls have a life span of two weeks or 3-4 playing sessions. A pack of unopened tennis balls is kept in a pressurized container but still, they will expire in two years due to tiny leaks.

Can tennis balls be refurbished?

Yes, Deflated tennis balls can be pressurized again to regain the same qualities as before.

Why do people throw tennis balls in dryers?

Tennis balls prevent the clothes from clumping, soften them, and shorten drying time.

How long do tennis balls take to compose?

A Tennis Ball takes 400 years to decompose.

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