Josh Jacobs Speaks Out: 'We Have to Own Up to Our Mistakes' After Tough Loss to Steelers

Written by Robert Dexter December 26, 2022

Following the Raiders' tough defeat, running back Josh Jacobs candidly addressed the team's performance

Jacobs stated that the Raiders needed to take responsibility for their mistakes and work to improve moving forward. The loss marked the ninth of the season for the Raiders

After the Raiders' disappointing loss to the Steelers, Jacobs appeared to be feeling frustrated and drained

During a post-game interview, Jacobs expressed his frustration with the team's performance, stating, "It's bullshit, for real. It's bullshit

More he said, And it's on us, you know?" His comments were reported by Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal

 "Josh Jacobs Speaks Out About Raiders' Struggles: 'I'm Tired of Dealing with This. Every Day I Come Here and Bust My Ass and I See the Guys Busting Their Ass and the Result is Not There'"

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