FC Barcelona partnering with Daka as a new regional partner in China 

Written by Robert Dexter January 05 2023

 FC Barcelona has announced partnership with Daka, a Chinese company, as a regional partner in China

DAKA Culture, also known as DAKA, is a Chinese company that is recognized as the first sports trading card publisher in mainland China

This partnership is for Fans in China to bring closer to Club and expand its in in country

Daka becomes Barça’s partner for three seasons, until 30 June 2025

The agreement between FC Barcelona and Daka, was arranged from the club's office in Hong Kong

"We are very proud to be able to collaborate with Daka in the creation of unique Barça collectibles, experiences and products aimed at our fans in China" Statement by Bryan Bachner

What do you think?

Is this partnership a good move for FC Barcelona and DAKA?