Dak Prescott Reportedly in Good Shape After Scary Knee Injury on Thursday Night

Written by Robert Dexter December 30, 2022

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that Dak Prescott is in good shape after a scary knee situation 

Happy weekend for fans as Dallas Cowboys ring in the New Year, they defeated the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night

During this game, Dak Prescott suffered a Knee injury in the Second Quarter. But he was coming back in the second half

Jones told a media Chanel about Prescott's Knee. "He's in good shape

Despite the initial fear about the injury, it seems that Prescott was able to recover and continue playing.

Earlier in the season, Prescott missed a total of five games due to a fracture in his right thumb during a game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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your thoughts on Prescott's ability to return to the game after his injury?