5 Things You Should Know About France Vs. Morocco World Cup 2022 Semifinal Prediction

Written by Robert Dexter December 14, 2022

France and Morocco successfully entered World Cup 2022 Semifinal on December 14, 2022. Here are the top 5 things you should know about how to predict the finish of football World Cup 2022.

1) France has a great past and strong history in the Football world while Morocco seems to have a strong game momentum. We can see France has the ability to win World Cups back-to-back. On the other hand, Morocco is the first African team to reach the World Cup semifinal. Both teams are opponents to each other for the first time in history.

2) Kylian Mbappé is going to face a strong opponent Archaf Hakimi who plays right back and has strong defensive skills.

3) Morocco has proved throughout the Worldcup 2022 that they have the best defense strategies and abilities.

4) Both teams want to wait and attack at the right time. Both teams are good at defense so they seem to play defensive and wait for the right moment to attack.

5) The coaches of both teams have different journeys.

What do you think?

Who is going to win Football World Cup 2022 Semi-final based on the predication points we shared?