13 Tennis Games to Play To On the Court | Overcome Your Boredom

You always see that a tennis court is specifically made to play tennis. However, there are various other tennis variation games that you can play. It’s not necessary that you play only serious matches or tournaments on the court. Actually, you can have fun on weekends, especially when you have guests.

You can enjoy many other games with your friends and family on the court. So, I am going to cover some of the most entertaining tennis games to play on the court.

There are so many fun ways that you can have while on the court. If you want to try playing different tennis games on the court then why not?

Most importantly if there are more people to play at the same time that’s not a problem! You can play any other tennis game.

Why do tennis players need fun games?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, tennis is really good for a player’s fitness. It is a complete body exercise to keep your body active and healthy. You can also find more benefits of tennis in our separate article.

However, at times the players have to switch to some other fun games as well. This is also a good practice for building positivity in yourself.

13 Tennis Games to Play on Court | Overcome Your Boredom

Tennis Games To Play
Tennis Games To Play

Here are some fun tennis games to play with your friends, family, or kids.

1. Dodgeball


Dodgeball is my personal preference when I’m with my friends. This is such a fun tennis game. This game involves two teams and some balls.

The two teams have an equal number of players standing on each side of the court. Both teams start with their balls.

The game goes like one player of a team has to target one of the opponents from the other team. The ball should hit the opponent.

In case, your opponent catches the ball then your teammate will be out. At this point, the opponent will have the benefit of bringing one of his out players.

2. Line Tag

Line Tag

This is another tennis court game that is so much fun and entertaining at the same time. This game is similar to the usual tag.

Well, for this game you need to assign “it” to a person. Every single player would walk along the lines on the court.

In this walk the “it” is also included. If one of the players gets tagged he/she is the new “it”.

3. Run-Round Tennis

This is one of the most enjoyable tennis games to play in your free time. This game requires the players to be strategic.

In this game, the players divide into groups. Half of the players from each group form a line at each end of the court.

A player serves the ball and the other player has to return it within the court. If he is unable to do so he is out of the game.

After catching the ball the player quickly runs to the other side of the court. As the number of players reduces, it becomes difficult for the players to run around and catch it.

4. First To 100

The first to 100 is the game that requires a spacious area on the court and a lot of your friends.

In this game, the players run around the court and one of them hits the ball above in the air. He calls out the score while hitting the ball.

When one of the players catches the ball he wins that score. On the other hand, if he drops the ball he loses the points. The first play that reaches 100 points, wins the game.

5. Foot-Tennis

Foot tennis originated in Brazil. It is the same as the tennis game except playing with a racket and a tennis ball.

This is also a fun game and can be played as a group. Foot tennis is a game that allows more players to be a part of it.

While playing foot tennis, the ball has to bounce at least once before it is hit by a player.

In this game, the player plays with a ball larger in size. Additionally, the ball is hit with your head or chest or it is hit with your foot or knee.

6. Tennis Buckets

The tennis bucket is an interesting game. In this game, the player has to put the ball inside the bucket.

This game has proved to be very good for beginner tennis players. Since this allows the players to learn to hit the target.

Furthermore, this game is manageable and you can use different sizes of buckets. To make it more fun you can use various colors of balls.

Moreover, to motivate the player you can assign different scores such as a high score for putting the ball in a smaller bucket. We can also play this game as part of drills.

7. Tennis Hockey

To play this game, a player being a goalie takes his position in the goal with their racket.

One cone is placed on the 10-foot away spot from the baseline, the second cone is placed at the 20-foot away point.

The first player hits the ball to the 10-foot-away cone while the other player stands at the 20-foot-away spot.

The first player tries to hit the ball into the goal to secure the point. The other player tries to stop your ball from hitting the target.

If he stops the ball successfully you lose the point. Moreover, if he does not stop the ball then you become the goalie.

8. Tennis Baseball

Tennis baseball is the same as normal baseball just excluding the diamond. To start the game, you along with your friends have to make two teams.

Before you begin the game, you have to decide all of the positions on the court such as the net posts, fences, and all other main parts of the court.

This game continues like letting the tennis ball pitch bounce one time at least before a player hits it.

9. Tennis Dingles

This game is for four players where the players start a rally from opposite sides of the court.

The players divide into pairs and throw the ball to their opposite sides. Now, at this point, there are two balls in the court.

At the point where a player misses the ball, the others call out “Dingles”. Then, the remaining ball that is left turns to doubles points. Additionally, the players win a point when they win both of the balls.

10. Tidy / Messy

This is a tennis kids’ game that builds their strength and is full of fun. In this game, 12 cans of balls are placed at the side of the court.

Each can is placed vertically and six out of those cans are placed without their lids on. The two kids start flipping the cans and turn them to the other side. The one who flips most of the cans wins the game.

This game is a good tennis activity that makes the kids learn to manage their stability and strength.

11. Tennis Squash Ball

This is one of those tennis games that you can play with kids. It is a perfect game for beginners between the age of 4 and 6.

This game demands the kids’ complete hand coordination. One of the kid’s players hits the ball with his racket and the other squshes the ball.

Likewise, they change their hit and squash turn by turn. It is a fun game and suitable for kids.

12. Running The Lines

This is the perfect game which is a warm-up as well. This is to enhance the speed of the player on the court.

It involves the running of the players from one line to the end. This practice is revised 5, 10, or a maximum of 15 times.

This game also improves the cardiovascular health of your body. Furthermore, the player learns the ways of warming up and plays better.

13. Tennis Soccer Ball

Tennis Soccer Ball

A Tennis soccer ball is a simple tennis game. Since the game has some rules, therefore, according to the rules you have to make two teams.

Additionally, you have to decide the winning score. You can use the cans to form the lines behind the players.

Moreover, it is a game of tennis soccer that’s why the ball should bounce only once on your court.

Furthermore, you win a point if the ball bounces more than once on your opponent’s side of the court. Also, if the ball hits the net or it goes out of the bounds of the court.

The one who secures the decided points wins the game!


It is a good idea to play other tennis games that provide enjoyment and allow you to learn team-building. It plays an important role to build an athlete’s personality. The Tennis court is used for various games. You can have fun tennis activities, as I mentioned in this article above, with your friends and family. It is up to you how many friends you want to accommodate while playing. You can play any game of your choice from the above list of tennis court games to play.


1. Are there any good tennis games?

Yes of course. There are many tennis fun games that you can play in your free time or spend a fun time with your guests or kids. Some of the most interesting tennis games that you can play on the court are:

  • Dodgeball
  • Line Tag
  • Run-Round
  • Tennis Baseball
  • First To 100
  • Foot-Tennis
  • Buckets
  • Tennis Hockey
  • Tennis Dingles
  • Tidy / Messy
  • Tennis Squash Ball
  • Running The Lines
  • Tennis Soccer Ball

2. What games can you play with a tennis ball?

Some of the interesting games that you can play with a tennis ball are:

  • Distance Throwing
  • BucketBall
  • Bottle Bowling
  • Ball Transporting
  • Catch-Catch / Classic Catch

3. What are some fun tennis games?

Some fun tennis games are:

  • Hungry Crocodile
  • Practicing Target
  • Hit & Catch
  • Dribblers
  • Push-up Tennis

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