How Much Do Tennis Coaches Make? Interesting Facts

Mainly, tennis coaches provide training to students interested in playing tennis and who want to participate in tennis tournaments. Further, they identify players’ strengths and weaknesses to evaluate their performance based on their tennis skills.

Moreover, they play a positive role in motivating the students to improve their tennis skills and techniques. Besides this motivation and positive role, these coaches are earning very smart money. On the other hand, some professional coaches are making handsome amounts.

This is what we are going to explore, how much do tennis coaches make? Mainly, the answer depends upon the player to whom they are training. If the player is among the top 100, the coach makes almost $1000 to $2500 per week, which is a very good amount.

Moreover, they also get different bonuses and 10% of their player’s prizes. In addition, the average salary of these coaches per year is around about $43,639. So, they easily earn almost $20 per hour.

Furthermore, tennis coach earnings depend on the area and location of the city. The highest salary for tennis coaches is in New York and New Jersey. On the other side, Utah and Kansas are paying the lowest salaries to them.

Before we move further, we need to know what tennis coaches do. This will help us to explore their salaries in depth.

What exactly do tennis coaches do?

How much do tennis coaches make?
Tennis Coach Teaching How to Hold a Racquet

Generally, tennis coaches teach you the relevant skills, techniques, and tactics to polish your tennis skills. The role of a tennis coach is very pivotal for the success of players. That’s why they spend years of effort and training to reach their students at a good level.

In addition, the key role of a coach is to improve students’ techniques and help them to implement very effective tactics. For example, if a tennis student is more interested in doubles, then a tennis coach has to teach the right kind of doubles strategies.

Moreover, a tennis coach also helps develop solid mental skills and advises you to maintain physical conditions and warm-ups.

You might be interested in tennis drills, so I have already a detailed article on 50+ tennis drills for all levels, do read it.

In summary, the major responsibilities of a good tennis coach are:

  • Teach you different and the right kind of tactics to polish your interest.
  • Tell you about your weak points and give you very constructive feedback.
  • Always encourage yourself to perform better and motivate yourself.
  • Develop different suitable competitive programs for students according to their age, skill, and playing level.
  • Provide a secure learning environment for students to get more productive results.

Besides all these services, coming back to the topic which is what percentage do tennis coaches make a year? or how much they make?

As their responsibilities are great, so a professional tennis coach may earn around $120,000 per year. Again, this depends on the area, coach level, and the player they are training.

So, let’s first discuss the different levels of tennis coaches.

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Levels of Tennis Coaches:

I hope you must have heard these kinds of tennis terms, level 2.0 player, level 3.5 player, level 4.5 player, etc. These levels mean tennis players from beginner to advanced levels.

Similarly, tennis coaches also have different levels and they train players accordingly. For example, an assistant coach can’t train a 4.5-level player, and a master club coach doesn’t train a beginner player.

So, let’s see what are the different levels of a tennis coach.

Tennis Coaching Assistant:

Mainly, a tennis coaching assistant is level 1, which is a starting point for becoming a coach. Furthermore, this level trains students to know the rules of tennis and gives them different tactics to play.

Tennis Coaching Instructor:

This is the 2nd level with a duration of 5 days qualification. It is reliable for those who are looking to build a strong coaching foundation. By this level, a coach will be able to provide general coaching advice and technical domains.

Moreover, it is also helpful to develop advanced communication skills.

Tennis Coach Qualification:

The 3 level is the tennis coach qualification which is only for those who want to take a tennis coaching career full-time. This level will teach you the basics of business management.

Senior Club Coach:

Generally, the 4th level is aimed at coaches managing commercial clubs. These coaches are trained to work more effectively and understand advanced techniques.

Master Club Coach:

Here, mater club coach is aimed at those interested in a high level of club coaching where they learn to design and evaluate the outcomes of club programs.

Does COVID-19 affect the salaries of tennis coaches?

Does covid-19 affect the salaries of tennis coaches?
Tennis Coaching & COVID-19 | Image Credit: Associated Press News

The devastation caused by Covid-19 is immeasurable. Although the world had faced many crises in the past, the emergence of the Corona Virus in the year 2019 has put the whole world into a miserable and severe condition, with a confidence of a doubtful future.

As tennis is a viral outdoor game, 1.125% of the world participates in tennis. Moreover, 164 thousand of tennis coaches are in different regions of the world, according to research in 2017.

According to the current literature, it is investigated that Covid-19 has badly affected professional senior tennis players. Due to the lockdown in some countries, all the tennis coaches are on leave.

That’s why the tennis clubs are locked, which negatively affects the daily earnings of the tennis coaches. Besides the critical situation, some coaches have now started to give online training and techniques for the players’ well-being. However, this online training has affected the earnings of tennis coaches as compared to physical training.

Further, the recent pandemic of Covid-19 has put them down because the players’ earnings have declined which means the coaches’ earnings are also affected by Covid-19.

So, now they are getting only the basic salary and nothing more like prize money bonuses, etc. Somehow this is true

The success of a player is coach’s success, and the failure of the player is coach’s failure.

Tennis matches decreased by 88.48% during Covid-19. But, does it mean the tennis coaching business is closed?

Of course not, a player’s success is determined by the years of training and techniques they get from their trainers.

This means coaches keep on training the players to have their skills at best so they can perform in the same way once this pandemic is over.

In summary, Covid-19 has affected the income and earnings of coaches like any other business. However, they have started virtual training programs to compensate for the loss.

How do we determine the salary of a tennis coach?

How do we determine the salary of a tennis coach?

We can determine the salary of tennis coaches depending on their experience of training and their level. As professional tennis coaches surely earn a handsome income than instructors.

Moreover, the coaches for the players below rank no. 150 make around $500 per week and almost 10-15 dollars per hour.

Now, we come to the earnings of top professional coaches. They earn $1000 – $2500 per week and get paid a very handsome salary in the range of $200,000 per year and $20.98 per hour. Besides their salary, they also enjoy many other perks like:

  • They receive almost 10% of their player’s prizes.
  • When a player jumps in ranking, the coach usually gets an end-of-year bonus.

Here, the coaches of the lowest level make roughly $24,000 per year. Moreover, tennis coaches get paid in installments from stipends.

According to a high school tennis assistant, the coach gets a stipend of almost $4500. This is how much tennis coaches make money.

Do tennis coaches get contracts/agreements?

Novak Djokovic Meeting Rafael Nadal
Novak Djokovic Meeting Rafael Nadal

As we know, other sports have no such thing as contracts and agreements. On the other hand, tennis coaches have different contracts that they sign for more bonuses. Yes, every professional tennis coach is involved in various contracts and agreements.

Moreover, almost all tennis players may have a contract with their coach. Furthermore, some players contract that they will give 50% of their winning every time to their coaches.

Additionally, when a player moves to a higher ranking, the coaches automatically receive bonuses. The coaches do not get it because of their great efforts in training the players but because the money is from ATP and sponsors.

In addition, in the ATP World Tour Finals tournament, all the players get $175,000 whether they lose, and the winner gets $2,225,000. Moreover, the coach expects to get a few percentages of that amount. In short, the players mostly tend to give their coach money between the range of 5-15 percent.

The average salary of a tennis coach

As we know the salary of a tennis coach depends on his level and the player he is training, which means their salary varies. So, let’s see what is the average salary of a tennis coach.

The average salary of the coaches for the players below rank no. 150 is around $500 weekly and almost $10-$15 hourly. They also enjoy other benefits like winning percentages, bonuses, end-year bonuses, travel bonuses, etc.

Now, we come to the average earnings of top professional coaches. They are earning around $1000 – $2500 per week and around $20.98 per hour.

Generally, their basic salary is not that much. However, if earn a handsome amount through bonuses, prize percentages, etc.

Above I have mentioned the overall average salary of a tennis coach. Let’s move to one level deeper and see the average salary of coaches by their levels.

Professional Coaches

Professional coaches train only top-level players like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, etc. So, they earn a good amount as compared to other levels. Furthermore, these coaches travel with their players and earn more if their players are successful.

So, a traveling tennis coach earns around $200,000 per year, a sufficient amount? I think more than sufficient!

Furthermore, they receive different bonuses including the 15% – 20% of the player’s winning amount.

College Coaches

College coaches receive a yearly salary with supplementary benefits. Generally, they get almost $30,000 per year with a rising price of $80,000-$90,000 for the head coach at college. But on average rate, college coaches earn $35,000-$50,000 per year.

Assistant Coaches

An assistant coach gets $20 per hour, and $75,000 to $80,000 per month, which is an estimated amount. Assistant coaches also make a good amount, but their earnings depend on seasonal conditions.

Club Coaches

A tennis club coach usually earns more than an assistant coach. They earn around $20-$30 per hour and receive a handsome amount per year.

The more number of students, the more earning a club coach makes.

Private vs. group coaching. Who earns the most?

Private vs Group Tennis Coaching
Private vs Group Tennis Coaching

Is there any difference between private and group coaching? Yes, there’s a huge difference between different perks and disadvantages from the aspect of coaching. Almost 70-80% of tennis fans hire coaches to boost self-confidence, and some join to improve performance.

Pro Tip: If you want to build and boost tennis confidence and communication skills, I would suggest you join group coaching. On the other hand, if you are looking to improve your performance, you should prefer a private coach.

Besides this, if you are a beginner student looking to hire a coach, you must keep the tennis coach fees in mind.

Both private and group coaches have some pros and cons, but I would suggest you group coaching as a business. First, it will save you time. Moreover, you can earn more in less time through group coaching.

Do tennis coaches get a percentage of winnings?

I have been asked this question many times by my students; how do professional players share their earnings with their coaches?

Well, the basic pay of a tennis coach is not enough. So, yes tennis coaches get a percentage of winnings from their players. Further, almost all tennis players have a contract with their coaches about the winning percentage money.

In addition, some players contract that they will give 50% of their winning every time. Moreover, when the level of a tennis player increases, their coaches get bonuses.

In general, most players tend to give money to their coach between 5% – 15%. But this percentage depends on the player’s will.

Top tennis players and their coaches. How much do they earn?

As I have mentioned before, professional players are trained by only top-level professional coaches. This means these coaches earn very good money. So, let’s see how much they earn.

Rafael Nadal’s Coach

Rafael Nadal with his coach Carlos Moyá
Rafael Nadal with his coach Carlos Moyá

Undoubtedly, Rafael Nadal is surely one of the best tennis players of all time. The reason behind this success is the efforts of three different coaches including Toni Nadal, Francisco Roig, and Carlos Moyá.

Carlos Moyá is the current coach of Rafael Nadal. He earns $513,509 per year with private bonuses and other resources with a net worth of $17 million.

Roger Federer’s Coach

Roger Federer with his coach Ivan Ljubičić
Roger Federer with his coach Ivan Ljubičić

As we know, Roger Federer is a millionaire professional tennis player, and the reason behind his success is Ivan Ljubicic. Yes, Ivan Ljubicic is the coach of Roger Federer and always addressed to him that “the real goal is to the most important titles with great confidence and power.”

Ivan Ljubicic is earning almost $500,000 per year. Further, he also receives a 10% winning percentage from Roger Federer.

Novak Djokovic’s Coach

Novak Djokovic with his coach Marián Vajda
Novak Djokovic with his coach Marián Vajda

The coach of one of the highest-paid tennis players (Novak Djokovic) is Mariàn Vajda. Mariàn is the most successful tennis coach in history who wins 18 Grand Slam trophies.

Now, he is the head coach of Novak Djokovic and has been his coach during his all professional life by winning 81 titles together.

He is earning paid $1.5 million per year with other bonuses and contracts.

Serena Williams’ Coach

Serena Williams with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou
Serena Williams with her coach Patrick Mouratoglou

Patrick Mouratoglou is the head coach of Serena Williams. Moreover, he has been her coach of her since June 2012. It is said that Serena pays him $1.7M yearly for his great services.

Furthermore, he also receives bonuses and percentage winnings from Serena Williams.

The Lifestyle of a tennis coach

Maria Sharapova doing yoga
Maria Sharapova doing yoga

As we know, a variety of coaches, from high school coaches to professional and elite coaches of different levels and ages, are out there. So, they all have some similarities and some dissimilarities in their living style.

Generally, a tennis coach’s life has always moderate uncertainty with the day-to-day routine. In addition, it’s never the same week as the next because of rescheduling and tournaments. Their days are unpredictable.

On the contrary, they have a luxurious living style with busy schedules. Because a coach is always busier when other people are free, especially on weekends and evenings. In addition, the diet plan of coaches is fewer disciplines as compared to celebrities and players.

The question here is that besides their busy schedule, what is the secret behind coaches’ successful and good living style? The right answer to this question is that their patience and effort to improve their abilities make them successful, and this success leads them to live a beautiful life ahead.

Besides their busy schedule, they gave proper time to themselves and act upon their workout plan. However, they also have a different diet plan than normal people. The intake of a diverse and healthy diet that mainly consists of essential nutrients. In addition, they consume more meat in their diet than vegetables.

Another important fact is that they have a proper workout plan to retain the top levels of strength and balance their life activities. In addition, this workout keeps their minds relaxed. That’s why, even after a busy schedule, they always show great sympathy and patience to all.

Mainly, coaches spend most of their time on the court, so it is difficult for them to get extra motivation and energy.

If we say, they mostly spend their time in tennis coach outfits, it would not be wrong. However, they always show a great sense of responsibility and accountability in every field of life. This is how tennis coaches have a great and successful living style.

What are the other possible ways for a tennis coach to make money?

There are many other possible ways to make money for a tennis coach. If you are a coach, you are not bound to make money only through coaching and winning bonuses. Rather, you can make money in many different ways.

  • You can make money by teaching tennis. However, only love for the game and the ability to teach are the main requirements. Moreover, it is very flexible that you can teach tennis with your other work or studies.
  • Parents who enjoy playing tennis can make some money easily by doing something on the side. Moreover, you can spend time at the local school and tennis camp during the holidays and make money.
  • People who have a keen interest in playing tennis can become assistant coaches to make extra money with their flexible job routines.
  • You can start a blog and review tennis gear and make affiliate income.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on How Much Do Tennis Coaches Make?

Tennis coaching is a very satisfying and enjoyable career. Although it may not pay you well initially, it is of huge benefit as you move to higher levels.

I have tried to answer the question ‘how much tennis coaches make’ through my experience in this field and some research.

Remember: The salary of the tennis coaches I have discussed above may vary from place to place and level to level. So, don’t take this information as the final guide.

Moreover, the yearly coach earnings depend on many variables, and there is no fixed salary in the tennis industry. You also earn bonuses and the progress of your players.

So, if you are thinking of brightening your career as a tennis coach, you must expect to earn more through tours and bonuses rather than depending on the base salary.

I hope you find this article helpful, if you have any questions or want to improve this article with your knowledge, do discuss it with me in the comments section below.


1. How much do professional tennis coaches get paid?

The answer to this question is not fixed, it depends upon the player you are training and your agreement of the percentage that you get from the player’s winning. Generally, on average, professional tennis coaches make in the range of  $150,000 to $200,000 per year.

2. How Much Does Serena Williams pay her coach?

Serena Williams pays around $1.7 million per year to her coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

3. How much a college tennis coach makes?

On average, a tennis college coach makes around $35,000-$50,000 per year depending on the area they train. While the college head coach makes around $80,000-$90,000 yearly.

4. Is tennis a good career for coaches?

It depends on the player you are training. If you are training a professional player, you have a bright future ahead. However, if you are just starting your career, then I would suggest you train beginner-level players in groups instead of private training.

In this way, you can train more students as beginner training sessions are short and you get more chances to train more students which means more money.

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