Life Changing Benefits of Playing Tennis For All Age Levels

If it has been so long since you haven’t picked your tennis racket or never played in your life. It is never too late to experience the benefits of playing tennis as a good physical activity.

No doubt playing tennis has a vast range of benefits including mental and physical health. It is considered a team sport.

It is, however, not a bed of roses to play tennis but it isn’t that difficult. Don’t worry, with our tennis playing guide, you can practice alone and learn how to play tennis.

You just have to pick those good rackets of yours and start practicing.

Let’s learn about the benefits of tennis that this sport has to offer.

Remember: You still have to learn and grasp the tennis rules even if you read all the benefits.

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Let’s get back to the topic of this article, which is the advantages of tennis.

Benefits of Playing Tennis

Benefits of Playing Tennis
Benefits of Playing Tennis

Beyond physical and health benefits, tennis is considered a sport for life with numerous benefits. We have listed them below:

  • Increases Social Skills
  • Encourages Teamwork
  • Develops Sportsmanship
  • Teaches Alertness, Mental Agility
  • Self-confidence and Positiveness
  • Cooperation and Stability/ Balance

Let’s now learn about these benefits in depth.

Physical Benefits of Tennis

Physical Benefits of Tennis
In this picture: Andy Murray showing his bicep

Thinking of maintaining a physical activity? Then what are you waiting for? We would highly recommend you to start with playing different tennis drills. Playing tennis helps your body grow in many different ways.

Tennis allows a lot of physical benefits. Some people might take playing tennis for fun but some get into this for physical advantages.

Here are the main points on why tennis is a good sport.

Muscle Engagement. Playing tennis allows your muscles to move and engage that benefits your muscles in becoming stronger.

Stamina Building. One of the best parts of being into a sport is the stamina built by playing it. Therefore, building your stamina helps you perform many other life activities with less exhaustion and using less energy.

Full Body Workout. Tennis itself is a complete body exercise. As it makes you move around to hit the tennis ball hence, provides some good exercising moves to your arms and legs especially.

Powerful Bones. Just like the muscles of your body strengthen, the same way your bones do. Playing tennis and making it your life activity makes your bones stronger and sharper.

Enhances Range of Motion. The wide movements of tennis, such as running, jumping, chasing, and swinging, are excellent ways of growing your range of motion.

Improves Speed and Strength. Continuously starting and stopping makes the player’s leg muscles strong. This is how a tennis workout is done while playing. While running from the left to right of the court to hit the ball enhances the speed of the player.

Being focused on the ball to accurately strike it and staying attentive at the same time brings up the strength. This allows general body coordination.

Build Up Body Reflexes. As we know that playing tennis helps improve body coordination which in turn improves the body’s reflexes.

Improves Eyesight. Tennis is one of those games that improves a player’s eyesight. This benefit is generalized to every age group. And for several purposes such as growing cells in younger players, it benefits them more.

Health Benefits of Tennis

Health Benefits of Tennis
In this picture: Muscular female tennis player hitting the serve

Tennis is a sport played widely all around the world but did you know? Playing tennis has a great impact on your health as well. It is also good cardio. Here are some tennis health facts mentioned below.

Strengthens Heart. Chasing the ball, running down the ground, and jumping high for a perfect hit to the ball includes some of the best activities that increase your heart rate.

When your heart rate rises, it increases oxygen and blood flow throughout your body hence improving your cardiovascular system.

A piece of research made in 2017 shows that being a participant in any racket game lowers 57% risks of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, it reduces 47% risks of death from any kind of cause.

Weight Loss. You burn calories when you get into a sport. Similarly, playing tennis helps you lose weight and stay perfectly fit.

Here you would think about how many calories do you burn when playing tennis?

According to research, playing a single session for two hours burns around 600 to 1320 calories (according to a study). While on the other side, competitive players can burn up to 1728 calories.

Note: You must burn 3,500 calories to burn 1 pound.

Improves Balance. Having a good balance for playing tennis is a must. By using a racket, you can learn equilibrium for backhand hits.

Balanced Diet. Tennis players possess a good healthy diet that is full of nutrition. This promotes energy while playing and you can have a proper meal right after playing to restore your energy.

Improves Coordination. Playing tennis often leads your mind to concentration and strategic tactics. This can also be helpful in other job fields.

Lessens Osteoporosis Risks. Osteoporosis occurs when the old bones collapse and the new ones can’t keep up with them, causing bones to become brittle.

Exercising causes fractures is not a fair saying while the opposite to this statement is true. In tennis, each time you raise your racket high in the air your arm works against gravity.

Since this puts some pressure on your body and makes it stronger. A study shows that weight-lifting exercises are exceptionally beneficial for strong bones.

Aids Agility. Tennis can’t be played standing in one place. The player has to cover the ground or court, make diagonal movements as per requirement. Changing their vertical position for low ball hits and bouncing high for overhead serves.

This round-the-clock switching positioning prepares your mind and body to adapt quickly.

Improves Vitamin-D Exposure. Getting the proper amount of vitamin D is a vital part of your body. This vitamin is the most important for health but unluckily, there are a bunch of people still lacking it.

Studies have shown that one can absorb most of the vitamin D from sunlight. It is therefore recommended to schedule your matches near noontime.

This way it is not going to be too hot at that time. And you can soak up the Vitamin D by exposing yourself to the sun.

Remember: Do not expose your hands, feet, and face to the sun without putting on sunscreen since it may increase the chances of skin cancer.

Improves Immune System. Through playing tennis, physical activity aids in driving the bacteria out of your airways and lungs. Thereby, it effectively reduces the chances of cold or other relevant diseases.

Gross Motor Control. As tennis requires a lot of muscle movement, thus the body of a tennis player is all set to control a group of muscle movements altogether. It lets the body practice gross motor control.

In addition, by playing the hit shot, lobs, and drop shot, tennis can be utilized to practice player control and fine motor.

Psychological Benefits of Playing Tennis

Psychological Benefits of Playing Tennis
Psychological Benefits of Playing Tennis

As talked earlier, tennis is a sport that also influences the brain. People who play tennis tend to rank high in self-confidence, strength, and stamina. Some of the psychological benefits of playing tennis are discussed below.

Improves the Human Brain. Tennis may generate some new connections of nerves in your brain. Since playing tennis makes you tactful and observant and your mind keeps alerting causing long development of the brain.

Moreover, tennis improves mental toughness as well. We have a complete detailed separate article on mental toughness as well, do check it out.

Uplifts Mood. Unlike other sports players, tennis players maintain high self-esteem, morale and stay happy. People who play tennis are less depressed, anxious, and angry. They keep a completely positive vibe.

Enhances Memory. Scientific research shows that getting into aerobic activities such as playing tennis helps to lengthen the lifespan of brain cells (neurons or nerve cells).

Benefits of Tennis for Young Players

Tennis Benefits for Young Players
Tennis Benefits for Young Players

Tennis courts provide spacious grounds for players and it is seen that youngsters actively take part in playing tennis. This helps them in a lot of factors.

From promoting their mental health to physical health, tennis has been the best aerobic and vigorous activity.

Here are some of them to help you know better what benefits you can have as a young tennis player.

Self-Confidence. Sometimes, people at a young age lack confidence. This is because they do not involve themselves in social activities.

By choosing tennis as your physical activity, it will not only promote your confidence but your morale as well since you interact socially.

Teamwork Ability. Where there is the sports discussion there definitely is discussed teamwork. Teamwork makes you feel empowered.

In addition, teamwork allows you to learn new things while working with your teammates.

Increases Motivation. Motivation is the key to every successful sportsman. You always have some goals to achieve when you are in sports. Those goals keep your motivation high.

Being a tennis player you must have to keep yourself motivated and determined. As a result, you also feel motivated in your daily life.

Increases Stamina. Tennis benefits you in many ways but it amazingly helps you build stamina. This allows you to perform more activities than normally you do and keeps you less exhausted.

Strong Bones. Through playing tennis, your bones move at every angle. It is similar to exercising daily. Thus, it gives strength to your bones. And this will help you as you get older.

Better Social Skills and Discipline. To master your skills in tennis you need to have patience and a lot of patience. As there are other players with varying personalities and points of view on issues whom you interact with.

In this way, a player becomes more disciplined and socialized.

Benefits of Tennis for Adults and Seniors

Benefits of Tennis for Adults and Seniors
In this picture: Old lady playing tennis

Tennis is not specific to any age limit. Most retirees like to play it in their older ages. Some of them play tennis as their hobby and for fun.

With the passing years of your age, your bones get weaker. Sticking to playing tennis will increase your bones power. You can play it thinking of it as your workout and fitness activity.

So far, we have discussed all the possible benefits of tennis that it has to offer. But it’s not like that you pick up your tennis racquet and start smashing the balls. There are a few important factors you must know before playing.

Let’s review them

Things to Remember Before Playing Tennis

As a tennis player, you must know the following tips and factors.

  1. Make sure you have enough fluids on hand and keep yourself hydrated
  2. Don’t get annoyed while practicing and stay persistent
  3. Don’t overplay it
  4. Choose yourself the best pair of rackets
  5. Be focused
  6. Practice good gripping and balancing
  7. Be good at tennis activity
  8. Keep a balanced diet full of nutritions
  9. Warm-up before playing and cool down afterward
  10. Hit or strike the ball properly
  11. Improve your speed
  12. Take one point at one time
  13. Build your stamina

Summary – A Quick Recap of Tennis Benefits

No doubt, Tennis is a good sport for maintaining your health, fitness, self-esteem, and agility. It also has physical and psychological benefits.

So, for having a healthy and fit life, come forward to play tennis and enjoy your ideal time. It is a complete package of health, fitness, flexibility, enjoyment, and at the same time a perfect exercise.

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1. Is tennis good for your brain?

Being a physical activity, tennis is also a brain activity as well because a tennis player has to continuously create strategies and act quickly upon each hit. Moreover, tennis helps boost serotonin — a chemical to keep your happiness level. In short, tennis is a really good sport for your brain to keep it quick and sharp.

2. Is tennis a good workout?

In tennis, a player moves the whole body including legs, arms, shoulders, upper back, hands, lower back, hamstrings, etc. It means tennis is a workout for the whole body. Tennis helps keep your core muscles strong while keeping your stamina at a high level.

3. Can I play tennis daily?

There is no rule of thumb about playing tennis. However, to take optimal advantage of tennis, you should play 3-4 times a week if you are under 30 and 2-3 times per week if your age is above 30 and under 50. In short, you should not play daily to give your body a day of rest for better recovery.

4. How long should I play tennis?

At an optimal level, your tennis game/session should be of 1.5 – 2 hours in length. Make sure, you keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day.

5. Is tennis an alternative to the gym?

Both gym and tennis have benefits on their own. However, tennis engages your whole body when playing on the court while the gym doesn’t offer such a thing at a time. Moreover, the latest studies show that tennis offers a more favorable BMI than a gym does.

So, in some cases, tennis performs better than a gym.

6. Can I lose my belly fat when playing tennis?

According to a study, a competitive player burns around 1728 calories per 2 hours session. It means tennis helps burn a lot of calories and as a result, it helps to lose belly fat. In other words, tennis is really good cardio that helps burn fat easily.

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