Do Junior Tennis Players Get Paid? Interesting Facts

Tennis is an expensive game, the tournament tickets, traveling costs, and training costs can be too much for some families. Usually, the training cost itself is tens of thousands per year. So the question that arises in every junior player’s mind is “Do Junior Tennis Players Get Paid?“. I hate to break it to you but in tennis, there is no such prize money for younger players.

But junior players can still get rewards depending on their caliber and performance as well as their ability to attract attention from coaches, scouts, and sponsors. Junior players’ performance can help them get recognized by major brands such as Babolat, Head, and Yonex.

These major tennis brands love to appreciate junior players by proving them with monetary support and sponsorships.

Do Junior Tennis Players Get Paid?

Do Junior Tennis Players Get Paid?
In this picture: Four junior tennis players are standing on a tennis court

Tennis does not pay junior tennis players. Because paying junior tennis players and putting them under the pressure by directly playing for money is considered inappropriate. But still, junior players can get sponsorship from various brands and companies to cover their travel and tournament expenses.

There are a few junior tournaments that are held every year. Although junior tennis players do not get paid by these tournaments, there are travel grants which are awarded to players based on their performance in the tournaments.

In comparison to professional tennis players’ prize money, the travel grants offered in junior tennis tournaments are much smaller but it’s enough to cover the travel and other expenses.

According to ITF, travel grants vary from $7000 to $15000 and are given to the top-performing players during the junior tournament.

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The Junior Tennis Circuit & Junior Grand Slams

The junior tennis circuit refers to a series of tennis tournaments introduced by ITF. The tournament is specifically designed for young players below the age of 18. These tournaments provide them with a platform to showcase and polish their skills by competing against players of their age group.

The tournaments are held at local, regional, national, and international levels. The junior tennis circuit is often seen as a stepping stone for players to reach the highest level of the sport. Numerous top professional players started their carrier with the junior tennis circuit.

Junior Grand Slams is a junior version of the Slam tournaments that are held every year. Just like the professional grand slams, the junior grand slam is considered the most important and prestigious tournament of the year for younger players.

In this tournament players under the age of 18 can participate. It consists of four tennis tournaments.

  • Australian Open 
  • French Open
  • Wimbledon 
  • US Open 

Along with getting recognized by the sponsors and attracting more opportunities in the future. The winner of the junior grand slam tournaments also receives grant money.

According to ITF, a total of 51 junior and professional players received a grant of up to $25000. The junior recipients are Petra Marcinko and Alexandra Eala, both of them were able to capture the title of a junior grand slam in 2022.

Alternative Forms Of Compensation

Alternative Forms Of Compensation for young tennis players

As I have previously mentioned instead of prize money there are multiple other non-monetary compensations provided to the younger players who participate and win the tournaments. These compensations include:

1. Sponsorship:

One of the main things that every junior tennis player wishes for is sponsorship from a well-known brand such as Yondex, Head, and Babolat. Not only the player will provide them with money to cover their expenses. But will also motivate them to thrive even harder in their career.

2. Wild Cards:

Wild cards are granted to players who have shown exceptional performance on the court. Receiving a wild card can secure a junior player’s future in tennis. It allows them entry into professional tournaments without having to go through qualifying rounds.

Wild cards provide young participants with valuable opportunities in the future. Along with that players get the exposure and experience they need to progress to the professional level.

3. College Scholarship:

Junior tennis players who are planning to attend college in the united states can earn scholarships based on their tennis skills. The scholarship helps them cover their tuition cost and living expenses. The colleges and universities in the US have strong tennis programs therefore younger tennis players can also pursue their career in tennis along with their studies.

Final Thoughts

Even though younger tennis players do not get the prize money but still they have other opportunities to be compensated through various means. Such as sponsorship, wild cards, and college scholarships.

These compensations not only help to cover their travel and tournament expenses. But also provide valuable exposure and experience that can help them progress in their tennis career.

The junior tennis circuit and junior grand slams provide young participants with a platform to showcase their skills and compete against other players of their age. The winner of the junior grand slams also receives grant money, which helps them to cover travel and other costs.

Lastly, with the help of these alternative forms of compensation. Young tennis players can continue to pursue their passion and reach their full potential in the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do junior tennis players get a scholarship?

Junior tennis players can get a college scholarship in the US based on their skill level in tennis. Several universities and colleges provide tennis scholarships.

To receive a full tennis scholarship a player has to be among the best singles or doubles players on the team.

Is there prize money for junior Wimbledon?

Junior Wimbledon does not provide any prize money to the participants but there are travel grants which are awarded to players based on their performance in the tournaments.

At What Level Do Tennis Players Get Paid?

Tennis players start getting paid at the professional level. The income of a tennis player depends on how well they perform on the court. A prize money breakdown is established at the start of a tennis tournament which includes, how much the champion, runner-up, and semi-finalists will receive.

Therefore the prize money depends on the player’s performance.

How do junior tennis players get sponsorship?

Junior players can get sponsorships if they show exceptional performance on the court. The Parent and tennis coach can reach out to the brand on the behalf of the junior player to encourage them to support players in return for publicity.

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