How to Clean Tennis Racket? From Grime to Shine

After a long and competitive game of tennis, you have probably noticed that your tennis racquet doesn’t look the same anymore. At that moment you probably asked yourself that “How to clean tennis racket?”  Usually while playing on a clay court or even on a hard court the ball tends to get really dirty.

The upper layer of the ball is covered with fluff that’s why it picks up all the dirt from the ground. And when you hit the muddy tennis ball with your tennis racquet, the dirt gets stuck onto the racquet. Therefore in this case cleaning the tennis racket is a must or else the dirt will infect the frame of your tennis racquet.

How to Clean Tennis Racket?
In this picture: There is a tennis racket laying on the ground along with cleaning equipment

How To Clean Tennis Racket?

Trust me this is the most asked question from me. Whenever I go to a tennis court on the weekends to play a few games of tennis with my friends, people run up to me asking how I clean my tennis racket. Well, after every game day, I dedicate one full hour to cleaning my dirty tennis racquet.

It wasn’t possible to tell every one of them about my tennis racquet cleaning routine that’s why I’m writing this detailed cleaning tutorial to answer every one of your queries.

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Tools And Materials Needed

First of all, you will need a few tools to get started, you don’t need to buy any of the tools that I will mention. I’m sure these tools are already available at your house. The first tool that you need is a soft-bristled brush, I use my old soft-bristled toothbrush it works fantastic. Secondly, you will need a mild detergent, the one you use for washing your clothes will work fine.

The third material you will need is a microfiber cloth to dry the racquet after cleaning. All these tools might be available at your house as these are all household items. If they are not available then you can buy them from any nearest grocery store.

Steps To Clean A Tennis Racket

The way I clean my tennis rackets is the most easiest and effective way. Mainly because of the simple tools and materials I use and the straightforward step-by-step procedure that I follow. Follow all the steps in chronological order and make sure to not skip any step.

Step 1: Clean All The Dirt

Usually, I play on a clay court so yea I know the pain of getting all that mud stuck on strings of a racket. Sometimes it even goes into the holes of the frame. The first thing you need to do is get your soft-bristled brush. And rub the excess dirt off the racquet, do not use a wet brush. The brush will remove all the excess dirt. So when you apply water to the racquet in the next step the racquet won’t look like it has been dipped in mud.

Step 2: Wipe It With A Damp Microfiber Cloth

After you are done scrubbing the mud off the racquet, take a cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth to save the racket from any scratches. Damp the cloth in water and make sure that you do not dampen it too much. Now remove all the dirt that you have scrubbed off the racquet, making sure to get into all the nooks and crannies to clean all the dust thoroughly.

The handles of a tennis racquet contain a lot of bacteria as it collects all the sweat and grim. So thoroughly clean the tennis racket grip with a damp cloth, do not rub the cloth aggressively on the grip of the racquet.

Step 3: Apply Mild Detergent 

Until this step, all the excess mud and dust will be removed. Now it’s time to deep clean the racquet. Apply a few drops of mild detergent all around the racquet and start scrubbing the racquet with the same soft-bristled brush that you used in the first step. But make sure to rinse it with water before using it because there’s obviously gonna be dirt on it.

Now start gently scrubbing your racquet with the brush, starting from the frame. Once you are done scrubbing the frame, move to the strings. Now here you need to be little precautions, do not put pressure on the strings. Gently rub them there is no need to go fast and rough on them as it can damage the upper coating of the strings.

Step 4: Rinse The Racket Thoroughly

Now rinse all the detergent from the racquet. Either put it directly under the tap or you can use any other method to just wash it with water. The water that you will use to rinse the racquet should be at room temperature, it shouldn’t be hot or neither cold.

While rinsing if you see any left-out mud on the racket. Take the soft-bristled and scrub the dirt until it’s completely removed.

Step 5: Dry The Racquet

This is the last and the most important step. After you are done rinsing your racquet. Give a good shake to remove all the water and then take a dry microfiber cloth and dry the whole racquet with patience. You need to remove all the water from the racquet before storing it. Because even a single drop of water can cause rust on your racquet.

What I do is after drying the racquet with a cloth. I place it near the window for about 2 to 3 hours so that if there’s still water left on the racquet it can get dry completely. And after I’m sure that my racquet is completely dried and there’s no water left in it. I put it back in the bag and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Tips To Make Your Racquet Last Longer

Tips To Make Your Racquet Last Longer
In this picture: A man is tensioning the strings of a tennis racquet
  • Replace The Grip: Some of us ignore the fact that the Grip of a tennis racquet is its most important component. A worn-off grip can be dangerous for your wrist and your racquet as well. Therefore the grip must be replaced a minimum of twice a year or more depending on how often you play. It’s better to get absorbent grips as they prevent your grip from slipping during competitive games.
  • Restring As Required: Strings tend to lose their tension as they age. This happens faster if you regularly play tennis. If the strings of your racquet are incorrectly tensioned or are loose then it can greatly impact your racket’s power, feel, and control. If you play tennis 5 hours a week then you should be tensioning your racquet’s strings 5 times a year.
  • Protect The Head Of The Racquet: The head of a tennis racket is its main part. Therefore it is essential to protect it from any damage. Sometimes the frame gets a little bend which ruins the whole racquet. Therefore it won’t be as effective in the game as before. So to save your racquet from any future damage you should always use a tennis bag or a padded backpack. This way you can minimize the chances of getting scratches on the frame.

Final Thoughts On Cleaning A Tennis Racket

Cleaning your tennis racket is a must thing. It should be a part of your weekly chores. A racquet is tennis equipment that is essential to play tennis. Without a tennis racquet it is impossible to play therefore if you own a tennis racquet make sure you take care of it properly or else you will lose it.

With proper care, you can prolong the life of your tennis racquet and also increase its performance on the court.


How to protect a tennis racket?

The best way to protect a tennis racket is by storing it in a padded tennis backpack. The bag will prevent the tennis racket from any future scratches.

Can you wash a tennis racket?

Yes, you can wash a tennis racket. But make sure that after you are done washing it. You thoroughly dry the racket until there is not even a drop of water left on the tennis racket.

How to clean a tennis racket handle?

The handle of a tennis racket, also known as the grip contains a lot of bacteria as it collects all the sweat and grim. Therefore, to clean the handle, dip a cloth into rubbing alcohol and gently wipe down the grip until it is clean.

Does water damage a tennis racket? 

No, not neccesirarly. If you spill a little bit of water on your tennis racket that’s okay but it should be dried off quickly. If water stays for long on the racket it can cause rust.

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