Bagel in Tennis: Definition, Examples, Statistics, Tennis Bagel Girls

The term bagel in tennis is a game set that ends on a score of 6-0. The tennis players say the word bagel when the score is 0. The reason for using this word is that it bears a resemblance to 0. However, it is a complete embarrassment for a player to have a bagel in his/her playing record.

This is an interesting term in tennis sport. This term is considered when the set score is finished on 0. When a player wins all of the points of the following sets of games the tennis games are then considered bagels tennis.

A player is Bageled when he does not win any game. It is humiliating for the players at the professional level. In addition, they lose the set with a bagel in a tennis match.

Bagel word origin

The word bagel is derived from the German word beugel meaning “ring”, “circular” or a “bracelet”. The word bagel in tennis is used because a bagel is in a ring shape.

Although a bagel is a piece of bread that is first boiled and then baked. It first became popular in Poland and now it has become a part of the breakfast in New York.

What is a Bagel in Tennis?

Definition: The bagel is a term in tennis that is very rare but it is meant to be used when the score of a set ends at 6-0. Furthermore, the bagel word is used because it is in a round ring shape. Therefore it resembles the score “0”.

Bagel in Tennis

It usually happens in the starting rounds of the tennis match. However, it is not very commonly seen in matches.

At a professional level, the players usually do not end up around without scoring a single point. It is embarrassing for them to end their match with a zero score.

How to Pronounce a Bagel?

The word Bagel normally has a confusing pronunciation. It is sometimes pronounced wrong. It is not pronounced right among the people. Therefore, the correct way to pronounce this word is Bay-gl.

What is Bageled Tennis?

A set of a tennis match is bagels if the opponent wins the set at the score of 6-0. This scenario is seen at any level of the tennis match. The bageled match can happen in any of the sets. It can happen at the start or the end of the round as well.

Another term is seen in bageled tennis which is Golden Bagel. This type of bageled tennis is rarely seen during matches.

A Golden Bagel is when the player wins each point of each set in the match. That means he takes the whole score. Keep reading, I will discuss the Golden Bagel in detail below.

What is a Bagel Set?

A bagel set is a set of 6 or maybe more games that a player wins. In the sets of tennis, there are games and at 6-6, a tiebreaker is played. The number of games may vary from 5 to 7. When the players reach the 6 games a tiebreaker is played.

Moreover, in a bagel set the player has to win at least 6 games. As soon as the player wins each point of each set in a game the set is called a bageled set.

Additionally, In major tournaments at the professional level, there are chances of a higher number of games in each set.

If we look back at the history of tennis matches, the longest set of games was played at Wimbledon in 2010. In that match, the set consisted of 70-68 games.

Therefore, I can not mention here a specific number of games for the bageled set. It depends on the player who wins all of the games in the set.

Examples of Bagels in Tennis

There are top-ranking players when we talk about tennis. The most known players have acquired their top positions in the tennis sport.

No doubt, we can’t deny the fact that they are the polished and outstanding players of this time. However, they also have become bageled. Yes, it is astonishing! But this is the reality.

The players have faced embarrassment as bageled tennis players. None of the professional tennis players would want to have a bagel in their entire tennis record.

Here are some of the famous bageled tennis players’ names. Regardless of their huge achievements in big tournaments and Grand Slams, they have faced the bagel side in their tennis journey.

1. Dinara Safina

Dinara Safina is an outstanding Russian tennis player with a bunch of tennis achievements in her journey.

From winning three grand slams, World No. 1, to one semi-final of the grand slam. Dinara has proven herself as one of the best tennis players.

However, there is something opposite to these achievements to know about. In the major semi-final at Wimbledon, she made an error against her opponent Venus Williams.

In addition to it, she also got a bagel during this semi-final. It was a huge dark and humiliating impression on her entire record.

2. Elena Dementieva

Another successful and amazing tennis player with an Olympic gold medal. Yes, Elena Dementieva she is!
If I take you on a tour of her achievements then you would think about how she can get a bagel in a match. She got an Olympic silver medal as well with the winning trophies of two runner-up grand slams.

If her mental state was not dreadful, she would have achieved double her accomplishments.

3. Svetlana Kuznetsova

Kuznetsova is also a great player but she could not take the pressure at the big tournaments. She won two grand slams. It is an appreciative accomplishment of her time.

However, due to her mental state, Svetlana could not stand her mental state and bear the match pressure and lost the game.

Bagel Statistics in Tennis

Since 1968, a triple bagel has been seen only thrice in history during the Open Era. During the match at Wimbledon in 1968, the game between Nikola Spear and Daniel Content ended in a bageled tennis with a score of 6-0 in three games.

Here is the list of the previous bagel tennis records below.

  1. Karel Novacek vs. Eduardo Bengoechea in 1987
  2. Stefan Edberg vs. Steffon Eriksson in 1987
  3. Ivan Lendl vs. Berry Moir in 1987
  4. Sergi Bruguera vs. Thierry Champion in 1993

Players who served most bagels?

The first player that comes up with the most bagels served is Jimmy Connors with up to 198 bagels. Then comes Guillermo Vilas on the second ranking with up to 158 bagels.

Golden Bagel Award

The Golden Bagel award is given to the player who served the most bagels. This award is given to professional players by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Qualifying for Golden Bagel Award

The qualifying winner for the Golden Bagel Award is determined by the complete sets he/she played and the number of breadsticks.

In addition, the incomplete sets are not counted for qualifying for the award. It is not an easy job to make the score 6-0.

To win this award a player has to show his powerful skills and abilities and stamina as well.

Furthermore, to get this award a player must count in the top 8 ranks at the end of the ATP Finals. Therefore, a player has to rank in one of the 8 positions.

Incomplete sets are not considered for qualifying for this award. This award demands a player’s hard work, motivation, and strong skills.

Winners of the Golden Bagel Award

Some of the well-known players who won the Golden Bagel award include Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Robin Soderling who won this award in 2010.

Moreover, Federer won 2 awards in the year 2005 and 2006. Novak Djokovic is another winner of the Golden Bagel Award.

Rafael Nadal on the other hand won the golden bagel award in 2005, 2008, and 2009. This has shown the true colors of their passion for tennis.

This is how these players won this award and convinced their fans of the sport outstandingly. It is their unforgettable accomplishment.

Bagel Girl in Tennis

Bagel Girl in Tennis

The bagel term in tennis is the same for the girls too. It means a girl who loses sets on a score of 6-0. A bagel girl is a female tennis player who is losing her sets at 6-0.

Therefore, there is not much to describe it as the rules and conditions are identical to the ones mentioned above for the male tennis player.

Summary – A Final Look at Tennis Bagel

The term “bagel in tennis” is an interesting terminology in tennis. However, it is not easy to score 6-0 since all of the players are competent. It, therefore, requires a lot of good techniques and motivation, and practice to take a set to the golden set level.

Still, there are some of the best players who made this score and received the golden bagel award. These players proved themselves in the field of tennis and are an inspiration for beginners. I hope this piece of article has helped you know all the things about bagel tennis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why is 6-0 called a bagel in tennis?

6-0 score is called a bagel in tennis because it was the shape of a long loaf bagel and tennis players would often eat it for breakfast before going to play.

Q) What does bagel mean in tennis?

In tennis, bagel means to win a set score of 6-0 against your opponent.

Q) How many bagels does Federer have?

Roger Federer has only 6 bagels throughout his career. 4 bagels on a clay court and 2 on a grass court.

Q) What does double bagel mean in tennis?

Double bagel means when a player wins two sets with a score of 6-0 in each set.

Q) Who has the most bagels in tennis?

Jimmy Connors is at the top and has the most bagels of 198 in tennis history.

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