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Why another Tennis Gear Reviews blog?

I, Robert Dexter, took tennis as a hobby 10 years ago which, later on, converted to my passion. After that, I decided to take my passion as a career. So I got training from more than 10 expert tennis coaches in this period and developed my own techniques and strategies as well.

I have been training and coaching tennis students in the street and small tennis clubs of California where I also learned so many new things. I decided to give back to the community, so I started this blog to share my 10 years of knowledge, tips, and techniques with all level players.

Another reason for starting this blog is that when I read blogs from other so-called experts, I get disappointed because they are teaching tennis concepts in a complicated way. For example, the tennis scoring system is not much complicated as it is described by some coaches. It is very easy to grab if explained in simple words.

So, the original passion behind starting this blog is to explain those tennis concepts that are poorly explained on other blogs to help new players and advanced players as well.

I hope you would be part of my journey. To be a part of my community, do subscribe to my weekly newsletter, and keep visiting my blog for exclusive tennis tips, gear reviews, and comprehensive guides.

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I have been facing trouble with my backhand strategy, thanks to Robert for his tips and lessons. He has a strong grip over what he does. I still have to learn a lot from his experience, so I have bookmarked this blog. Thanks again, Robert!

Testimonial Author
Albert Parsons 3.5 Level Player Broussard, LA

I love the expertise of Robert and the way he guides through his blog and newsletters. Would recommend to all, no matter if you are a newbie or experienced player, looking to improve and take your game to the next level with Robert's exclusive strategies.

Testimonial Author
Juanita Charron 3.5 Level Player Phoenix, AZ